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CPS Elementary School Sports

Designed for fifth through eighth-grade student-athletes who aspire to compete at the highest level against other city-wide elementary schools, we are thrilled to introduce our new interscholastic competition-focused program, SCORE!+

This exciting program aims to help your child excel in athletic pursuits and enhance team spirit.

SCORE!+ practices will be held on weekdays, with game days scheduled for Saturdays. Teams will be organized by grade levels, consisting of separate fifth/sixth and seventh/eighth-grade groups for both girls and boys. As a highlight of the program, we will also hold a City Championship for the seventh/eighth-grade teams.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity for your young athletes to challenge themselves, develop their skills, and compete alongside their peers.


Girls/Boys Cross Country

Girls/Boys Volleyball


Boys Soccer


Co-ed Cheer

Girls/Boys Basketball


Girls/Boys Wrestling



Girls Soccer

Girls/Boys Track & Field

Co-ed Football