Learn more about the curriculum we use to build your child for success.

Our Curriculum


Wit & Wisdom® is a comprehensive K–8 English language arts curriculum crafted to help students build the knowledge and skills they need to be successful readers, exceptional writers, and effective communicators.


The IM Certified Experience helps teachers catalyze mathematical proficiency with an engaging and inclusive approach that lifts students up to the skills, understandings, and practices that will stay with them for a lifetime.


The Skyline social science courses encourage curiosity and criticality, inviting students to question and shape the world around them. Each lesson contains specific English learner support across various proficiency levels.


Amplify Science is a K–8 science curriculum that blends hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.


The nation's top-ranked curriculum prepares children for success in school and life with the leading research-based, whole-child preschool curriculum built for early childhood educators.

Our Strategic Partners

Our Partnership team consists of various organizations of different shapes and sizes. Each organization brings something very unique to our students that help grow each of them in ways academics alone cannot. We highly value our partnerships and invite you to reach out if you are interested in partnering with our community. 


Did You know...

50% of the highest payings jobs in the United States will be self-created within the next 10 years?

People are going to be consultants and freelancers. No longer will you apply for a company and work for them. You are going to have to find a niche and work for yourself. So what does this mean? You no longer only need 21st Century skills, but really, you need to have the type of mind that can create.

And it doesn't matter where you come from. All that matters is that you love yourself, work hard, and get it done!

The strategic partners that engage with us understand this, and are passionate about helping your child get ahead to succeed.

- Lindsi Lara, Principal