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Important Information

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CPS Medical Compliance
Students are required by state law to have certain medical information completed prior to the start of school or risk being excluded from school due to medical non-compliance.

The following is required for students in Chicago Public Schools: 
1. Completed Student Medical Information Form: Parent completes. Please include a phone number and an e-mail address.
2. Completed Vision Program Consent: Parent complies and must sign in TWO places and complete the medical history section.
3. Completed Dental Program Consent: Parents complete and must sign in TWO places.
Medical Compliance 
Illinois State Law medial compliance is required for students in the following categories:

1. Any student entering Chicago Public Schools for the first time 
2. Pre-School 
3. Kindergarten  
4. 3rd grade 
5. 6th grade 

For students who may not be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons, there is a new state policy requiring forms to be completed by both the doctor and the parent. The child will not be considered in compliance until these forms are completed as required by State of Illinois Policy.

The Office of School Health and Wellness has many more resources available relating to student health. You can find the information here.  
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