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Enrollment Procedures
Kindergarten Enrollment Eligibility: All children residing in Hitch's attendance boundaries who are 5 years old on or before September 1 of the current school year, are eligible for enrollment into Hitch's CPS Kindergarten program.
1st-8th Enrollment Eligibility: All children residing in Hitch's attendance boundaries are eligible for enrollment into Hitch Elementary. 
The parent, legal guardian, or temporary custodian of any elementary age child enrolling in a Chicago public school is required to submit proof of age and required medical records to the school.  Additionally when families register they must complete an enrollment packet (in the main office), bring original Proof of age documents and original Proof of Current Address documents.  Examples of each can be found below:

Proof of age Includes, but is not limited to, any ONE of the documents listed below:
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Child's baptismal record
  • Passport
  • Court documents
  • Medical records
A parent or guardian must provide TWO proofs of address. The first document must be a State ID or Drivers License with the parent guardian name and updated address. 
The second proof of address can be one of the documents listed below: 
  • Current utility bill
  • Deed
  • Employee identification number
  • MediPlan/Medicaid card
  • Court documents
  • Illinois Department of Public Aid card
  • Stamped United States Post Office change of address form
  • Illinois state aid check/social security check

In addition to these documents, families must submit the following medical records: proof of physical examination, proofs of immunization, and dental records according to the CPS enrollment procedures
Once you access access the forms, please download the forms. You may either fill out the forms on a PDF reader or print the forms and fill them in by hand. All forms need to be uploaded on one of the following forms: 
Student Fees  
Student Fees can be paid on line using the link below: 

Number of Students


(Pay on or before September 8th)


(After September 8th)

Student Fees pay for the following items the school purchases for the students:




  • Student Planner

  • Singapore Math Student Workbook

  • Fundations/Phonics Workbook

  • Vocabulary Workbook

  • PE, Arts, Computer Science, and Music Supply Costs

  • Communication Folders








An application for a full or partial fee waiver is available in the school office for cases of financial hardship. For more information, e-mail